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Quantum-h and University of Reading Win Grant for Ethical AI Research Initiative

Quantum-h, a leading emerging technology agency, in collaboration with the University of Reading is thrilled to announce the receipt of a highly competitive grant from Innovate UK’s Accelerated Knowledge Transfer (AKT) programme. This award is set to fund a pioneering interdisciplinary project focusing on the integration of innovative digital technologies with the Higher Education sector, specifically through the lens of Artificial Intelligence data mining in research.

In exploring the potential of AI in revolutionising research methodologies, this project investigates the development of state-of-the-art technology to provide robust mechanisms for protecting research data, ensuring ethical standards and data integrity are maintained at the highest level. The UK Government-funded initiative stands at the intersection of technological advancement and academic research, embodying the spirit of Innovate UK’s AKT mission to inject innovation capacity rapidly.

Quantum-h CEO, Leon Samuel: “We are proud of this partnership with the University of Reading and Innovate UK to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies. The potential of AI to transform the research landscape is immense and with this project, we aim to unlock innovative methodologies that are both impactful and ethically responsible.”

Marzia Briel-Barr, School of Law, Director of Continuing Professional Education and Executive Education, University of Reading: “This collaboration with Quantum-h is testament to how Academia can contribute to the UK innovation and technology sector in a practical way. We are excited to see the outcomes of this project, especially that it will result in contributions that advance equitable and sustainable Open Science.”

Project Aims and Benefits
  • Innovative Technology Platform: At the heart of the project is development of technology that leverages AI for efficient data mining and analysis.
  • Research Data Tracking & Monitoring: A comprehensive system to track and monitor research data and the protection of data integrity.
  • Ethical AI Utilisation: The project prioritises the ethical use of AI, aiming to set a benchmark for responsible research practices within the digital domain.


Contact Information

 For further information, please contact Amy Kelly


About Quantum-h

Quantum-h is an emerging technology agency based in London specializing in the rapid adoption of emerging technologies and services including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, QR, NFC, SaaS and Synthetic Data.