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Our custom software solutions utilise innovative technologies enabling you to excite your customers, solve your business challenges and meet your growth goals.

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AI Consulting

Pioneer the Future of Marketing with AI

Improve your marketing campaigns, drive conversions and increase ROI with our cutting-edge AI technology. Our AI solutions use advanced algorithms to provide actionable insights and recommendations for a data-driven approach to marketing.
QUANTUM services
Custom Software Development & Testing
Our expert technologists develop software fit for the evolving world – quickly and to a world-class standard. We develop software that enhances the human experience. Our approach involves fully understanding your goals and developing end–to–end software that seamlessly fits into your existing stack.
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QR & NFC Contactless Solutions

We create bespoke digital experiences which begin when a user taps an NFC tag or scans a QR code. We utilise our graphic design and marketing expertise to create the best possible experience.

Comprehensive data tracking enables vital and actionable insights from scans to gain insight into how your codes are being used in the real world.

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Blockchain Solutions

We provide commercial and technical consultancy services for using blockchain technology at every stage of adoption. We help you deploy production-grade blockchain-based solutions bespoke to your industry, empowering your business operations.

We can ensure the privacy, trust, and security of your data with blockchain solutions that protect against fraudulent activity.

QUANTUM services
REGEO® AI Property Evaluation

Regeo® is our revolutionary property evaluation software that uses machine learning AI to score and evaluate properties with precision. Whether you’re a real estate investor, property manager, or just looking to find your dream home, Regeo® makes it easier than ever to make informed decisions about your properties.

QUANTUM services
Data Masking Services

Quantum’s data masking services enable businesses to use crucial business data for training and testing without having to worry about the actual data leaking. We provide secure, flexible, and efficient data masking solutions for businesses in all sectors.

Safeguard business and client data while utilising the benefits of data assets across all document types.

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