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Making compliance efficient, seamless & predictive.​
Technologically advanced Compliance as a Service software (CaaS) with real-time reporting, predictive analytics and one view of global governance for regulatory control.

A centralised intelligent system for real time compliance governance and oversight

  • Simplification of global complex regulatory systems by sourcing the world’s regulatory content, localising it, map to the business profile and compliance frameworks using AI technology so you can see the regulations and what’s on the horizon for change.
  • Provides real-time reporting of compliance metrics for management within an organisation’s team globally and locally.
financial crime compliance governance and oversight

Real Time Horizon Scanning​

Automated Horizon scanning entails real-time monitoring of regulatory changes, industry trends, and emerging risks, enabling adaptive compliance measures and risk mitigation.​

Centralised Repositories of Regulatory Requirements and Guidance​

Centralised repositories store historical and current regulatory requirements and guidance for organizations to ensure compliance with laws and regulations accurately.​​

Centralised Repositories of Regulatory Requirements and Guidance​
Centralised Repositories of Policies and Procedures

Centralised Repositories of Policies and Procedures

A robust, centralised repository for compliance policies and procedures ensuring easy access, version control, and promoting compliance adherence.​​

Centralised Control Library

Clients can enhance compliance and operational security by utilising our controls library to proactively manage risks effectively.​​

Centralised Control Library

Automated Approval Workflows

The workflow tool ensures a structured review and decision-making process for compliance changes, exceptions, or requests, encompassing submission, review, and approvals.​

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