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QR and NFC
contactless solutions

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At Quantum, we create bespoke digital experiences which begin when a user taps an NFC tag or scans a QR code. We utilise our graphic design and marketing expertise to create the best possible experience, and then our software tracks and compiles the in-depth reporting and statistical data.

Smart QR codes

With the help of branded, bespoke QR Codes, companies utilise us to improve customer experience and business operations.

By customising the QR Code design to match your brand’s colours and logo, you can tie it to the identity of your business.

Dynamic QR

Dynamic QR codes allow you to change the destination and content at any time – quickly and with ease. The QR code does not physically change or look visually different. The redirections are done behind the scenes so that no reprinting is necessary. 

Multifunctional QR

Multifunctional QR codes give you multiple destinations based on the number of taps.

Our simple 3-step process ensures you get the QR code solution you need:


QR codes and NFC created to meet enterprise requirements


Bespoke, fully customised digital experiences designed in-line with your branding.


Better understand campaign performance with real-time advanced analytics. Track where and when people scan your codes.

NFC and QR Code scan data

Our experience with QR codes

We have developed QR code solutions for businesses in all different industries and focus areas.

Here are some of the types / industries / use cases we’ve created QR codes for:

  • Healthcare – Wayfinding, aftercare instructions
  • Hospitality – Menu, order to your seat, pay the bill
  • Supply Chain – Product tracking, information storage
  • Events – Digitising interactive events, digitalised business cards
  • Products – Product information

Why companies choose Quantum for QR codes

Quantum’s QR code solutions are fully customisable and can be combined with NFC technologies. We employ the latest innovative technologies, including dynamic and multifunctional QR codes to please your customers so they can have the best marketing experience possible.

Comprehensive data tracking enables vital and actionable insights from scans to gain insight into how your codes are being used in the real world.

dynamic Qr codes with bespoke digital experience
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