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Regeo® is our revolutionary property evaluation software that uses machine learning AI to score and evaluate properties with precision. Whether you’re a real estate investor, property manager, or just looking to find your dream home, Regeo® makes it easier than ever to make informed decisions about your properties.

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Accurate, reliable AI powered property evaluations

With Regeo®, you’ll have access to accurate, reliable evaluations that are backed by cutting-edge AI technology. Our software takes the guesswork out of property comparisons, providing you with data-driven insights to help you make smarter decisions. And with Regeo, you’ll save time and resources compared to traditional property evaluation methods.

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Why use AI Property Evaluation?

Accurate & reliable evaluations Time and resource savings Effortless property comparison Expert-level analysis Maximum investment returns Data-driven insights

AI property evaluation data sources
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How does AI Property evaluation work?

At the heart of Regeo’s technology is a complex network of algorithms that analyse data from a wide range of sources to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your properties.

Our machines are fed data from over 150 sources, including government records, market trends, and real estate market data, to give you an accurate, up-to-date evaluation of your properties.

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