We create better human experiences for brands and their customers through the strategic use of technology, data and marketing.

What we do

Quantum is a custom software development company helping our customers to solve their business challenges with best in class software. All-out technology expertise, including the provision of AWS Cloud, G Cloud, native application development services, Laravel framework development, and web development. We specialise in CRM data insight system integration, enhancing and deriving value from existing data systems and new IoT data from QR codes, NFC and Product Activation.

Faster | Better Value | Shorter Time to market

Why Quantum?

We often work with Accenture, Cap Gemini and SAP on the client side as the client integrator and IT project team.

Clients have often said we are faster, better value, and quicker to market than the big consultancies, making us their perfect partner.

Our Technology

At Quantum we solve our customers’ problems and optimise our solutions, helping them to make the right decisions at the right time.

We have our framework developed on top of Laravel, using Vapor for deployments on AWS. Our databases, storage and queues are integrated on AWS with a serverless solution allowing us to scale according to the requirements of the customer.

Our specialist team has expertise performing integrations with standard and custom third party systems – allowing small applications to be in contact with the biggest platforms /environments / SaaS / CRM in the world.

We specialise in QR / NFC codes and traceability

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Who We Are

Quantum was born out of a desire to simplify technology for brands who wanted to do better and deliver better experiences for their customers, simply and quickly.

We are an elite team of technologists and marketing professionals with deep experience across agencies, brands, technology and suppliers who understand how to solve business challenges quickly and efficiently.

We have offices in;
UK – London, Reading
USA – New York, California, Boston
Spain – Barcelona, Madrid
Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

We work with all types of local and global brands – from grass roots startups to large established global players..

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