Slide We create better human experiences for brands and their customers through the strategic use of technology, data and marketing.

What we do

Quantum-h is a marketing and technology agency that helps brands reimagine experiences for their customers through a diversity of services including Marketing, Digital, AI, Mobile, CRM and Blockchain. We take a human-centered approach to the business problem through the application of technology.

Who We Are

Quantum- h was born out of a desire to simplify technology for brands who wanted to do better and deliver better experiences for their customers, simply and quickly.

Our name is authentic in its purpose. Quantum is the minimum amount of energy to move an electron from one state to another, which is represented by Plancks Constant (h). And much like technology and energy, we understand that the rapid movement of electrons is essential to the fundamental growth, creation, and movement of a human. And while we aren’t physicists by trade (although one is a biochemist!), we are an elite team of technologists and marketing professionals with deep experience across agencies, brands, technology and suppliers who understand how to solve business challenges quickly and efficiently.

We have offices in;
UK – London, Reading
USA – New York, California, Boston
Spain – Barcelona, Madrid
Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

We work with all types of local and global brands – from grass roots startups to large established global players..

Blockchain solutions